Isle of Pharohs
(MP3 File Format)

All songs written and performed by Michael Clendening
Check out my favorite song: ZULU

Most of these songs were originally Midi songs I worked on for video game projects.  I composed most of the songs under the name Michael Denee.  Midi files are no longer used for video games but I wanted to preserve them so I decided to remix the tunes on my Korg Triton keyboard.  This is a collection of my favorites.

Click <HERE> to listen to a really good remake of another tune not included on my album.  This is  a remake done by Jordan (bLiNd).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Disk 1   Disk 2  
    Clamoriz   Ditty95  
    DogWalk   DuckSoup  
    Fish   Guilty  
    Haulin   HangGlyde  
    Passion   HindSite  
    Shvergan   Lazy6  
    SmokyBar   MrShoe  
    T-Rex   SokIt2Me  
    TheFlite   VidGame3  
    TheGlow   VidGame4  
    Ungawa   VidGame5  
    VidGame1   Wheylyn  
    VidGame 6   WoeIsMe  


Original Midi Files