The Old Days!

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Band Members (Primary):
Andrew (AJ)Keefer - Guitars/Lead Vocals
Craig Plummer - Drums/Lead Vocals
Michael Clendening - Bass Guitar (Backup Vocals)
Sound And Lights:  Hali (Brown) Grauvogel

Original Band Members (Old and short lived):
Andrew (AJ) Keefer - Guitar/Lead Vocals
John Woodhouse - Lead Vocals
Michael Clendening - Bass Guitar
Peter Becktold - Drums

Wingless Flight was a band that formed in the late 1970's.   Although the band split up around 1984, the spirit still lives on!  Wingless Flight was founded by Andrew Keefer, a former member of a band called Ada Walter.  Andrew, AKA "AJ", AKA "Sleech" (I think I was the only one that called him that) was the main driving force of the band.  The band played a variety of classic rock songs along with a few good originals written by AJ.  Songs like "Saint Michael" and "Hubbin" still strike me as being cool songs.

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I visited AJ Keefer in November of 2004.  See the Blog from the 22nd for more info.

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